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Holy Spider movie review & film summary (2022)

From a sociopolitical perspective, the third strand is especially fascinating. While there was a female reporter named Roya Karimi who covered the Spider Killer story—the name came from the supposition that he lured victims into his deadly web—Rahimi is Abbasi’s creation, and she’s a striking and memorable character, not just for her intrepid, methodical way of pursuing the story but also for her self-possessed way of dealing with the men she encounters. One is a reporter who shares information with her (he has tapes of the calls the killer made to him declaring his crimes and disclosing where the bodies could be found) and is collegial enough but also displeases her by revealing that he’s heard rumors about her problems with an editor in Tehran (according to her, she was fired for refusi...

The Lair movie review & film summary (2022)

“The Lair” kicks off with its most eye-catching and dramatically urgent scenes: scrappy Royal Air Force Captain Sinclair (Kirk) is quickly shot out of the sky by Afghan fighters, without warning or unnecessary narrative throat-clearing. A fellow RAF man, Johnson (Alex Morgan), dies while trying to save Sinclair. “Sorry …” he says before a short pause. “For the inconvenience.” Sinclair then flees from her attackers into an abandoned bunker, which contains the toothy monster that’s understandably all over this movie’s posters and advertising. It’s a neat-looking monster, even if it doesn’t look like it cost an arm and a leg (in real life), and was also maybe the product of Russian experimentation (in the movie), since the bunker it escaped from features some decorative Cyrillic warnings....